We supply the motorcycle for your training, however, there are some required items you need to bring and some other items you may wish to bring to the class.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT.  When you arrive for training on the motorcycle range,  you must have SIX things: 1) a helmet designed to meet DOT standards, 2) proper eye protection (helmet face-shields are acceptable, however, you may find goggles, safety glasses or some other form of eye protection more convenient for the class), 3) over-the-ankle footwear, 4) long-sleeved shirt or jacket, 5) long non-flare denim pants or material of equivalent or better durability and 6) full-fingered gloves, preferably leather. Of the six items listed above, only one is required to be specifically made for motorcycle use--the helmet designed to meet DOT standards. Boots, clothing, eye-protection and gloves that are specifically made for motorcycle use may provide you added protection.

WHAT IF IT RAINS?  Sooner or later if you ride motorcycles you may find yourself riding in the rain; therefore, unless there is a thunderstorm or other severe weather, we teach rain or shine. You may wish to bring a rain coat.

OTHER PERSONAL ITEMS WE RECOMMEND: Please consider using sun-block--even if the weather is forecast to be cool or overcast as the U.V. rays are still present.  No matter what the scheduled forecast, we recommend you bring bottled water in a cooler.    When you go to the range on Saturday and Sunday, bring your cooler with you (do not leave it in your car) as you can place it near the range perimeter and have it readily available for the short breaks we provide between riding exercises. You may also bring a folding lawn chair as you may as well be comfortable when taking a break.

CLASS STATUS: You should check the CLASS STATUS LINK on the FRIDAY the class starts to see if there are any changes to the class schedule, cancellation, etc.